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December 22, 2005

The Value of Talking About What You are Doing

Some people are afraid to expose what they are doing, thinking they would only be creating more competition for themselves. If you are already in a competitive field then discussing what you are doing probably will not create much more additional real competition.

Even if talking does create more competition, discussing it typically still adds personal value far faster than competition. By telling a story about what you are doing and establishing value systems on commodities it tells an interesting story that people will want to spread.

Yesterday when Andy Hagans blogged about buying a poker blog it got many direct and indirect links…probably enough that the post instantly increases the value of the poker website by 50%. It is not easy getting links at sites about poker, but if you wrap it in a blog and talk about it on active interesting channels it is.

The links he got were viral editorial links, which are the exact type search engines want to count.

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