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November 14, 2005

Tail of Story

In fiercely competitive categories people fight to be first with the news, but after a story ages few people rarely go back and look at the surrounding information.

Of course if you are the first person out with a good story then you are going to get a ton of links, but sometimes reviving an old story with a new spin is a good way to get noticed.

Recently a friend of mine pointed me to the other side of the WordPress HotNacho content spam story, which shows less than 20 citations in Yahoo! or MSN (and zero in Google since they banned his domain and all other domains he owned).

After how much hatred was spewed at Hot Nacho it would be hard to undue it, so it would take an impressive article to get people to look at that subject from another angle, but surely there are thousands of other similar situations out there.

Sometimes the best new news is old news, especially when information mining is oh-so-easy.

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