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December 1, 2005

Typepad Down Again, Suggests

I typically like to keep my stuff out of networks. A friend of mine who goes by the nickname Lots0 pointed out many times how he was once burned by being part of a network.

Sure sometimes your host will have problems, but if you pick hosts based on reliability then odds are pretty good your host will be up more often then most distributed system.

Blogger has the following issues

  • huge splog problem
  • lack of portability of link popularity
  • makes your blogs seem less professional by being hosted there
  • occassionally down for extended periods of time

TypePad has the following problems

  • if you dynamically remap your hosting some of the registrar partners (such as GoDaddy) place an ad page at the root non www. version of your URL
  • some people use their default URLs, but I do not like the lack of portability of link popularity
  • last month their hosting was down so much that they let users decide how much free hosting they wanted to receive to make up for it
  • this morning I am not sure if they had something wrong with their servers, but the sorry unavailable messages this morning did not make me feel the service is all that trustworthy

Having said all of that I recently set up a number of blogs on Typepad and am wondering if I screwed the pooch. Should I have just put WordPress on a wide variety of domains?

A few minutes here and there don’t mean much, but they do start to add up if you are building out a large network.

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