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November 8, 2005

The Best Money Can Buy…

The best money can buy often have loyalty to nothing but money. Many of the best business models are based on monopolies or selling people scams or subscriptions others may not need.

I often get yelled at for lack of profit motive on some fronts, but until I got sued I had no need for money 🙂

I still think I am plenty fine though my friend reminds me that as a web person I am like an athlete (maybe a sumo wrestler with my current size) with a short career. I think as long as you are generally honest and interested in what you do that you don’t have to emphasize monetizing. If you wait a bit and build value more you can make more in the longrun (at least if you are really interested and really care about what you are doing). If you feel guilty about doing or not doing work then you are probably in the wrong field, no matter what people want to pay you.

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